Gyrokinesis is like patting your head and rubbing your tummy. When you are doing
it right you feel it. Andrea has a way of explaining how each exercise should be felt inside the
body. I never feel uncomfortable asking what I should be feeling or how an exercise should be
making my body feel. If I don’t seem to be understanding, she will try to break the exercise
down so each part of the exercise does what it should. Andrea has an intuitive sense that allows her to push me right to my optimal point. Being a receptionist I sit a lot and find Gyrokinesis very
helpful for my back. Andrea has given me simple exercises that I can do while sitting. I have
been fairly fit most of my life but am amazed at the increased core strength I have developed since I started working with Andrea.

Testimonial Martina L
Martina L

Andrea is an excellent practitioner. A superb listener, she's very patient and professional. She did Trigger Point Release therapy on me, which I had never received before. Her gentle, yet firm, technique has been highly effective. For 6 years, I had frozen shoulder syndrome, with excruciating pain. Surgery and medications provided no discernible improvement. After 2 sessions with Andrea, I experienced a 50% increase in shoulder and arm mobility, a dramatic decrease in pain, an open shoulder and better upper body posture. I have continued our very productive sessions together with great results and no negative side effects.

Testimonial Laurie Y
Laurie Y
Frozen Shoulder